1. First Save then Invest: Saving is prerequisites to investing and building wealth.

2. Own wealth building assets: These are stocks, real estate, small business and commodities like gold, silver etc.


3. Invest for long term: The investment assets are riskier as their price changes with time. Hence, plan to stay invested for minimum five years or more.

 Long Term

4. Invest according to time frame: Choose investment products according to time you want to stay invested.

5. Diversify risk: Don't put all your investment in single asset. Choose different products so that risk of falling one asset would have less effect on your return.


6. Allocate your asset:To diversify risk allocate asset carefully. Asset allocation changes with your age.

 Assets Allocate

7. Think about taxes: While investing think about taxation and tax exemption too.

8. Consider value of time: Start early and start NOW.

9. Be a investor not a trader: Don't check market daily, keep patient and be invested as per your goal and time horizon.

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